Shared Service Concept

The Shared Service concept is a new organizational form within the thrombosis market. In essence, Back Office activities of providers of anticoagulation services are bundled, purchasing is centralized, medical services are provided virtually and work is carried out from one smart IT solution, resulting in an innovative and already proven care concept.

Our Shared Service Center is a service center of expertise for anticoagulation services with high-quality and future-proof anticoagulation care in the Netherlands. Clients, referrers, therapists and healthcare institutions have 24x7 access to the services of Hestia. By deploying smart IT solutions, the barriers of chain care and knowledge pooling are addressed. All relevant data is available in real-time for adequate anticoagulation treatment. Parties directly involved in the chain, such as general practitioners and medical specialists, have access to the complete anticoagulation file to share knowledge and information. The client and their (in)formal care network will also have access to the anticoagulation file via an App and portal (provided they are authorized). This will increase the involvement in the anticoagulation treatment and will give the client and their (in)formal care network more insight into the treatment and knowledge of the disease.