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Our medical services
Medical services
Pre-analysis is a traditionally structured process in which the role of the client is limited. With (assisted) self-measurement, this process is designed together with the client at Hestia. The advantage is active involvement and greater awareness. With traditional inclusion criteria and processes, the percentage of self-measurers fluctuates around 15%. Through a different way of process design, which is supported by IT and a conversion plan, the number of (assisted) self-meters is increased.
INR meters
Measuring Equipment
Hestia integrates the best-in-class measurement equipment to perform INR determinations and integrates it optimally with its IT solution to increase process efficiency. Hestia follows the developments in the market and with it the product innovations and launches of suppliers in the field of Point of Care Testing (POCT).
24x7 service desk
24x7 services
Our company is organized 24x7 with a skilled Service Desk to support clients even outside office hours.
Showcase Hestia
Our IT solution enables anticoagulation clinics to work more effectively. Clients, (in)formal care providers and chain partners are linked or have access to relevant information. Existing problems of links with source systems in the chain are solved or have already been solved. Priority is given to links with AIS, EVS, HIS and ECD of healthcare providers. In this way, important information such as an up-to-date medication overview is available in real-time. The advantages are numerous and lead to better quality data, more efficient processes and greater security. With the available data, our IT solution and the algorithms will be further developed with the goal of using Artificial Intelligence to continuously improve the Decision Making Support system and processes.

This is not limited to just the VKAs. TARs and DOACs are also part of this. For the DOACs, a more active role in guidance and therapy compliance is desirable for anticoagulation clinics.
Our procurement
To support our services, Hestia also supplies medical devices such as pipettes, lancets and strips. We pass on our knowledge, skills and experience in procurement management as an advantage to our partners.
Hestia office building
As a Shared Service Center, we can provide our services to our partners such as thrombosis software, hardware (measuring equipment), virtual medical services, procurement and 24x7 skilled services. From our location in Twente, we are also able to fully relieve partners of their burden by outsourcing Back Office activities.

Knowledge Partner

Each participating anticoagulation clinic actively contributes knowledge. This is done in several ways. The Shared Service Center employs its physicians and a medical leader. Anticoagulation clinics can opt for dual medical leadership (anticoagulation clinic and Hestia) so that knowledge and quality are safeguarded in several locations. The Shared Service Center has installed a Medical Advisory Board in which scientists, pharmacists, and medical professionals with anticoagulation expertise are represented. The participating anticoagulation clinics contribute network knowledge from top clinical hospitals and university medical centers.

The ultimate goal is to form a national knowledge and training center.