Our partners

Hestia is the service partner for all organizations that perform medical diagnostics, or that make an intervention based on measured values. We focus primarily on Point of Care Testing (POCT) within the thrombosis market. Our partners are thrombosis services, clinical chemistry laboratories, general practitioners and health care institutions.
Our services
Thrombosis services
Independent thrombosis services and thrombosis services that are part of a laboratory (First-line Diagnostic Centre) are important partners for Hestia. With our Shared Service Center services, we work together to keep thrombosis care in the Netherlands available and affordable. By combining knowledge and smartly organizing processes and procurement, we realize future-proof thrombosis care. We will do this while preserving the individual identity of anticoagulation clinics. This also means that we will maintain regional agreements and care chains.
Partner laboratoria
Clinical Chemical Laboratories
Clinical chemistry laboratories conduct research on behalf of a referring physician to diagnose or rule out disease, monitor the course of the disease, determine the effectiveness of treatment and prevent disease. Increasingly, IT is playing a crucial role in this. The possibilities of using POCT to perform research directly and close to the client create a new playing field in which other types of expertise are required in addition to existing knowledge. Think for example of IT and Managed (24x7 skilled) Services. Hestia has this expertise.
Partner GP
General Practitioners
POCT deployment by family physicians enables rapid diagnostics close to the client. We keep the speed in the process with our platform. The result and any advice are immediately visible in the HIS. Without extra actions. And where possible we facilitate the GP and the client to perform the measurements at home by the client or their (informal) care provider.
Partner clients
Clients can also be in charge of measuring values themselves as in the case of diabetes, heart failure and thrombosis for example. In all cases where POCT is deployed, IT is a crucial factor for collecting and sharing measurement results, providing feedback on advice, monitoring the effects or monitoring the quality of the process and the POCT device.

We support healthcare providers and healthcare institutions in serving their clients so that all measurement data and relevant information is available.