NAb test (with doctor statement)
Check your resistance against COVID-19 after vaccination or infection.

The NAb test detects neutralizing antibodies against the Coronavirus. These antibodies prevent the virus cells from attaching to the human cells. After you've been vaccinated or infected your body produces these neutralizing antibodies. When the test shows that you have enough antibodies you're still resistant to COVID-19, if the test is negative it's time for a new vaccination.

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After a painless finger prick we apply a drop of blood on the test, after 10 minutes you receive the test result.
€ 39,95

Doctor statement
Document which proves your resistance.

After a positive test you receive a document from us which tells others that you are resistant to the coronavirus.

Possible test results

No neutralizing antibodies

A negative test means that your body does not contain (enough) neutralizing antibodies. This means that you're vulnerable to the Coronavirus and that you should consider getting (another) vaccination.

Enough neutralizing antibodies

Your body contains enough neutralizing antibodies to be resistant to the Coronavirus. Measure periodically to monitor your resistance.

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