Naturally, we do our utmost to provide good services. In the unlikely event that you do have a complaint about Hestia, please read our complaints procedure here. It is highly irritating to experience complaints, but we always try to find a good solution. A complaint can arise from various causes, such as:
  • You feel you are not taken seriously by a Hestia employee.
  • Hestia is not providing you with the care you expect.
  • Hestia made a wrong assessment.
  • You have been treated rudely by a Hestia employee.
  • The Hestia employee provides you with incomprehensible information.

Where can I file a complaint?

First of all, you can make your complaint known to the person who tests you or the coordinator of the relevant location. They will talk to you to resolve the complaint. This is usually effective. However, if this is not sufficiently successful or you are not satisfied afterwards, you can submit your complaint to our complaints officer. You can make your complaints known by calling us at 053 - 203 20 60 or emailing us at It is important that you make your complaint clear and explain for what purpose it is. Our complaints officer, Mrs. Caroline Fiselier, will handle your complaint as soon as possible. In the unlikely event that you are unable to resolve your complaint with our complaints officer, you can always contact our affiliated Healthcare Disputes Committee.

Keep in mind that you are always entitled to:
  • Right to privacy and confidentiality.
  • Have personal data deleted. Hestia must pass this on to third parties who have received this data.
  • Granting permission to process your personal data.
  • Withdrawing consent at your own discretion.
  • Filing a complaint.