Become a partner

Getting on board as a partner is something we do, of course, carefully and with each other. From our Shared Service Center concept, there is always customization. Not one situation is the same. How do we approach your On-Boarding process?

From both management teams, mutual trust is most important for a successful partnership. That's why we always work towards our common end goal transparently. And for this, we take the time needed, without getting bogged down in endless sessions. Professionalism with sensitivity for your interests and feelings characterize our On-Boarding process. That also means that new insights or changing situations along the way may give rise to adjustments. Each step and decision moment we carefully go through with an in-depth session that we call Deep dives. A Deep dive focuses on specific topics such as: HR, quality and processes. Each Deep dive session we conclude with a "GO" or a "NO GO" decision. Because the (organizational) interests can be high and we initially work together in a petit committee, confidentiality is obvious. Just as obvious is the commitment that we make to each other in terms of time investment, planning, and depth. At some point in the On-Boarding process, if all goes well, a start date will be agreed upon. From then on we go through meticulous planning together with ultimately one goal; a dynamic start for all your employees and patients.

From the outset, we give you a number of guarantees:

Confidentiality and discretion
Maintaining identity and position in the care chain
Revenue guarantee and margin improvement
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