NAb test (with doctor statement)
Check your protection against COVID-19 after vaccination or infection.

Want to know if you are still resistant to the Coronavirus after being vaccinated or after an infection? With the NAb test we can tell you if your resistance level is still enough to be protected. If you test positive you receive a doctor statement which proves your resistance.
First in the Netherlands!

Proof of recovery
Read about our policies concerning corona certificates and a proof of recovery.

Thrombosis care
Renewing the thrombosis market together!

Hestia works together with its partners to optimally organize thrombosis care. For example, with our INR@Home concept we enable district nurses to offer thrombosis care themselves.
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COVID-19 testen
Quick clarity about your situation.

With our test service, we make sure that tests are being carried out quickly and the results are known within 30 minutes. As a result, private individuals, employees and employers quickly know where they stand.

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Shared Services
With our Shared Service concept,
we optimally organize thrombosis care together with our partners.

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We work together with all kinds of partners,
we strengthen each other to achieve the best possible service.

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Passion for care
We are driven to improve healthcare. Curious about our story?

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